Camp Mug Supply Company began as an idea. An idea that there is great value in sharing simple things that inspire. From the moment I sat on that rock in the Linville Gorge (more on that story here) something about taking sips from that simple enamel mug just felt inspiring.
Finding out how to share this with others took more time than I thought it would. For a year or more, I deliberated the best options and paths to take and one of the biggest lessons so far is certainly that nothing comes easy but especially figuring out what to do with your own creative ideas.
Each of our mugs are thoughtfully hand-painted. Each one carefully considered and designed and then brushed on one stroke at a time. With a background in art, I still find it extremely difficult at times to paint on these concave surfaces. I think in that challenge comes the enjoyment of being perplexed by the process and figuring out a way to make it work. 
The creative process for the mugs you see here is very diverse. Sometimes the most unique ideas come from weekends in the woods or others halfway around the world in some unfamiliar place. Oftentimes though, the most beneficial part of the process is simply chatting with friends, bouncing creative ideas off of one another. And then how do those things make the selection? Usually it's some phrase or sketch or doodle that I think, or we think, would be clever enough or inspiring to share with someone else. And that brings the brand full circle again, to say that these mugs are meant to inspire and meant to be shared.
For now at least that's the best description I could come up with. It's very much a working idea, a creative concept considered a "work in progress." We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we are. 
Stay stoked, 
Adam Johnson 
. . .
Our Mission:
Wherever you are, from white walled offices to tree lined trailheads, Camp Mug Supply Company seeks to inspire your adventures through one of our uniquely designed, hand-painted mugs.

If you drop your mug on a hard surface like concrete or a rock, there's a good chance the enamel will crack. This only adds some character and maybe a good story to your mug. Should it ever become undesirable to continue drinking out of it, park it on bookshelf, fill it with pens, or put a candle inside and use it as decor. There are an endless number of ways to reuse.

Our Environmental Support:

Camp Mug Supply Co. proudly contributes to environmental organizations such as Protect Our Winters and 1% For The Planet. A portion of every single mug we sell, supports these endeavors and we strive to engage with this community. We care about the planet we call home and will continue doing what we can to offset our environmental impact.

We strive to promote sustainable business practices through the use of long-lasting products. Since our mugs are high grade steel coated in an enamel finished, they are extremely durable and offer an indefinite number of future uses.

CMSco is a proud supporter of: