Wilde & Co. Collaboration

Collaboration have always been something I've wanted to explore with this brand, but it hasn't been as prescriptive as I initially thought. Since going to art college more than a few years ago now, I've always been energized by other creatives, whether you are a photographer, industrial designer, entrepreneur, or some ever evolving hybrid -- people inspire me. 

One of the things at the core of this brand is the simplicity. Without getting too heady, our lives -- well mine at least just seems to get more and more hectic each day, month, and year. Camp Mug Supply Co is a reminder to slow down, start a conversation, enjoy the people you are around. It's never been easier to connect with people and with that, it's been exciting to meet and get to know so many talented and inspiring people through this brand.

I've been following @wearewildeco for a little bit now and their design aesthetic lines right up with where CMSco is at. It was a pretty easy conversation to start and I want to say a massive thank you to Chad for being willing to share some content with myself and allow me the opportunity to paint his designs on a few mugs. His generosity was over the top and I hope there are more ways to connect on future projects. 

All this to say I, and now 'we' (if I can speak for Wilde & Co) hope you enjoy these collab mugs! There are more designs and variations dropping soon but for starters, 3 should kick things off nicely.  

Stay Stoked, 



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