The Journal: Being A Relational Brand

Camp Mug's soft launch was back in October, what a year 2017 was. And now, the next 12 months are primed to be an exciting journey. Looking back just 3 short months ago, I had no real idea what I was getting into kicking off this new venture. I guess overcoming that is one of the most meaningful things I've learned so far - Be willing to take the risk to start something. 
Whatever that "something" is, for me it was a slowly developed idea I have had for a long time and things finally clicked and felt like the "right time." Honestly, I could have launched the brand earlier than October but for me this isn't some sort of regret. I see it more of a process, developing a better idea of what I wanted to pursue and how to hand-craft the story of what Camp Mug Supply Co is. 
From early on in my creative career, going back to my days spent at The Savannah College of Art and Design, my entrepreneurial spirit began to stir. It was there, as I progressed through their design program and mingled with creative people of all types, that I discovered sharing your creative perspective was a rush. There is something special about meaningful, intimate conversations when someone tells you their idea(s) and you are genuinely rooting for their success, one creator to another. To those people who encouraged me along the way, I sincerely appreciate your support and enthusiasm. 
Building on those friendships has helped steer Camp Mug Supply Company in the direction it's headed. We will always count on building relationships with individuals who are truly behind what these simple products stand for. If you ask what the brand's goals are, there really aren't any at the moment, other than to simply inspire adventure. Wherever life takes you, from dawn patrol to late nights spent under the stars, chasing dreams and continuously exploring, we want to be apart of that journey. 
The year ahead should be full of surprises both for the Camp Mug Community (Yes, that's you!) and those of us behind the scenes fueling the fire and keeping you stoked. We are excited for what's next! 
Thanks for checking in! Now, grab a mug and #GetOutside! 
- Adam

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