COFFEE TRAILHEAD MEET UP - JUNE 5, 2021. Presented by 4x4ward and CMSCo.

What is Camp Grounds?

For so long we've been asking ourselves a question. There are all sorts of early morning coffee meets, and quite a few for 4x4s, but they're all in parking lots. Why? Well, we don't know. So why don't we change it?

Photo courtesy of 4x4ward and @Delicargo

Camp Grounds is a trailhead coffee meetup. A place we can all share that it will be just a short drive in to the woods of Tillamook Forest about an hour away from downtown Portland. We'll be meeting up at the gateway to an enormous trail system, allowing you to either camp out nearby the night before, or use this as a gateway to a weekend of off-roading or camping fun. 

(Details and location in the RSVP link below)

Photo courtesy of 4x4ward

Photo courtesy of @the_creative_explorer

While it's certainly geared to off-road/adventure vehicles, all are welcome, and despite being a bit down a forest road, you would have absolutely zero issue making it up in a 2wd. Though if you want to hit some hard trails after 4wd is definitely recommended.

Please RSVP here and follow @4x4ward for more details leading up to the event. 


Photos and words courtesy of 4x4ward.

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