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With all this extra time lately, I've been more intentional to step back and recharge over some good ol' books. Even with the easy access to our local library lending out free digital ones, it feels good to crack open a physical copy. The tactile nature of turning a page is an age old past time I'll always appreciate.

Here's a fun lineup with few books I've been into lately!
As a side note, there is no incentive for me to share these links with you they are just simply an easy way for you to find the book. But if you do decide to purchase see if your local bookstore carries one of these titles used, otherwise Powell's (linked here) is my go-to in Portland. With the exception of Parks, most are common ones you can save some cash on and be more sustainable by buying used, not to mention supporting a smaller business right now.
Waited on this one for a while since first seeing it. Came just in time a few weeks ago as a greatly appreciated belated gift! You know who you are, thanks!
Additionally, our friends over at Field Mag put together a great write up with the author/photographer Brian Kelley. If you're interested, jump over to their site and check it out.

"The scale of the National Parks Service is something that fascinates me. There are so many areas that the NPS manages, between Parks, Monuments, Historic Sites, Seashore, and more. You only every hear of the big ones though. I hope this book can bring to the light some of the unknown."

(Brian Kelley via Field Mag)

Into The Wild, Jon Krakauer

Jon Krakauer's writing usually comes with first hand knowledge of his subject matter and depth of contextual research offers a significantly captivating book, Into the Wild is no different and one of our all time favorites. You may have seen the movie too.

The Wilderness World of John Muir

Picked this one up years ago at Mr. K's bookstore back home in North Carolina. A beautiful collection of short stories, essays, and writings from John Muir. Mostly centered around his time living and exploring the wild Western United States.

On Trails, Robert Moor

Lastly, an insightful look at how paths and trails have defined the world. Connecting people, animals, and places. Both in positive ways and lesser one. Robert Moor offers a captivating read with first hand experiences and a strong depth of contextual research. 

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