This is a decision to do things differently and reorient what Camp Mug Supply Co became back into something that I am passionate about doing, making, and sharing.

When I set out to paint mugs for friends I never knew how it would evolve and over time I found myself lost in the demands of running a business and making things I thought people wanted versus making something I was passionate and inspired by.
Through reflection on where CMSCO was and where I still thought it had potential to go, I’ve decided to change the format of things. All in pursuit of slowing down and making things. Creating for the sake of creating rather than thinking about what may sell, or what people might want, the end goal really is just an expression of my way of seeing.

The Format

Every 3 months I’ve decided to explore and create based on loose themes I come up with. The first one called “Texture Studies” I’ll launch on a brand new site early next. It’s an attempt to share bits and pieces of life I find inspiring. The discovery and perspective of looking at things differently and creating visuals that support this idea.
Yes, there will still be mugs (in very limited assortments) but in addition to that I want to make other things that help express these collections further. Whether that is art, photography, found objects, words, or any other thing that seems relevant to these themes. 
If you’re new around here thanks for joining this journey and if you’ve been following along the way, I appreciate all the support in helping keep this thing dream alive.
- Adam